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Project Superiority  

Project Superiority

   According to the plan, with the two phase of construction, the relevant government departments will strengthen program guiding, create good investment environment, improve the Luoshan car business circle surrounding facilities, scientific planning and arrangement of market surrounding traffic, accelerate the introduction of professional financial Finance Companies, give full play to its car sales credit convenience and advantage, help strong big market in Jinjiang, as the center of the Luoshan automobile trade group, make its become the city and the southern region has strong influence and radiation force of modern professional market, promote the related service industry 's development and prosperity.

   Jinjiang auto market two period after the completion of the project will drive a market car sales and the surrounding car sales services business performance, also drove around in the market around the district retail, hotel, apartment rental, catering industry, life services industry prosperity. Luoshan is the new city of Jinjiang, and the new values into, will give Luoshan new development opportunities, but also will give Luoshan residents have tremendous development opportunity.

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