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Project prospects  

Project prospects

   Jinjiang car market in City built in 1999, built in December 28, 2001 and put into use, the market is located in Jinjiang City, Luoshan Street office spring security road Po Fook Road, covers an area of 35300 square meters, construction area of 58000 square meters, the square area of 13800 square meters, has a store 18000 square meters, is divided into A, B, C, D four, three square arrangement central square, the whole market is "U " shape. In the city of Jinjiang automobile trading market in the use of that year, was the provincial government designated as supporting the big professional wholesale market of. Only opened in 2001 to the end of 2003, Jinjiang city car market sales accounted for 40% in Quanzhou, for the entire Jinjiang City auto sales volume 75%. Gradually formed a Jinjiang city car market as the center of Jinjiang Luoshan automobile business circle. " To buy a car from Jinjiang automobile trading market to go! " Almost every Jinjiang car buying it for having heard it many times.

   The project is located in Jinjiang city streets Luoshan Luo Chang community and lack Tong Community connected springs on highway and South peace. Projects a total investment of 300000000 Yuan, the main construction contents include 4S service shop, car storage warehouse, supporting facilities, vehicle detection facilities and municipal facilities project, area of about 200 acres of land. Automobile trading market in the two phase of the project is in the city of Jinjiang automobile trading market ( 1) on the basis of the introduction of domestic and foreign strong brand building, 4S stores, combined with the existing Luoshan area auto 4S shops and vendors, formation of automobile market, brand 4S shops, comprehensive support services of the "4S mode ", according to international standard, in order to a high starting point, professional, intelligent, integrated form a complete set requirements for the investment in the construction of. The two phase of the project construction will solve Jinjiang's lack of large-scale automotive service industry, promote Jinjiang automobile circulation modernization, also be Jinjiang City auto market new processes, and drives the car sales and the surrounding car service performance, also with surrounding commercial retail, hotel, apartment rental, catering industry, life services industry prosperity. According to the plan, with the two phase of construction, the relevant government departments will strengthen program guiding, create good investment environment, improve the Luoshan car business circle surrounding facilities, scientific planning and arrangement of market surrounding traffic, accelerate the introduction of professional financial Finance Companies, give full play to its car sales credit convenience and advantage, stimulation and encouraging consumers to enlarge car consumption, helped expand to Jinjiang city car market as the center of the Luoshan automobile trade group, make its become the city and the southern region has strong influence and radiation force of the

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