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Jinjiang Car Marker No.1 Period
   Jinjiang city car market is located in Jinjiang City, Luoshan Street office, spring security Po Fook Road on the west side highway, the geographical position is superior. Market built in 1999, in 2001 completed and put into use. The market covers an area of 60 acres, divided into A, B, C, D four, is of concave shape arrangement. Market set auto exhibition and sales, with domestic and international various grades of car and commercial vehicle business agent for the foundation, has been assigned to nearly 20 dealers, covered domestic and foreign automobile mainstream brand. Its infrastructure is perfect, perfect supporting services, excellent business environment, humane management, is gradually gathered expanded into radiation areas of southern car distribution to the market and in 2001 by the provincial government designated as supporting the professional wholesale market in a big.
  In the future, the market will be the spirit of " honesty, fair competition, winning brand, first-class service " business philosophy, to "one-stop full service " as the goal, and strive to build a modern car buying fashion model car market model, so that it has a complete brand, improve the supporting services, environmental high-end comfort features, structures a strong radiation ability of auto circulation platform, further enhance the market grade scale, to become the Jinjiang Auto Center, trading center. The market and to a more professional, more quality services, manufacturers, dealers and consumers with an elegant, comfortable, convenient trading platform, in order to improve the overall competitiveness of automobile brand, for the Jinjiang automobile trading market construction to become China's southeast coast first-class large-scale automobile city and make a greater effort.

Jinjiang Car Marker No.2 Period
   Jinjiang car market two location in the Luoshan streets lack community and Luo Chang community, connecting Springs Road and peace road, traffic convenient, unobstructed of up to. The total investment amounted to 300000000 yuan. Two stage positioning for the master of Quanzhou automobile 4S stores, supply of spare parts, car decoration refitting, automobile exhibition, automobile leisure culture dissemination in one car service center, and the integration of automobile market a combination of existing resources, Jinjiang Luoshan area auto trade circle, forming the most competitive and development of Jinjiang auto industry " big 4S mode ". The project is since 2010 the focus of Jinjiang city in the construction project.
   Two stage has a form of industry advantage, policy advantage, location advantage, cluster size advantage, development potential is tremendous, after the completion of the project, national key automobile manufacturers and local well-known automobile brand service agents will gather them, this will Jinjiang automobile trading market a dimensions small, class is not high, the lack of after sale service status; and to market a two period as the core, the integration of Luoshan automobile business circle resource, drive Luoshan automotive business circle cluster development; improve Jinjiang automobile industry comprehensive service level as a whole; also will drive market surrounding supporting the tertiary industry prosperity; increased local taxation and employment opportunities; also let the majority of consumers to enjoy 4S shop brings you professional, meticulous, rest assured that the service; beautiful 4S shop buildings as the new city construction adds a beautiful scenery.

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